The Ceiling Fan Chandelier Combo

Aug 1st
White Ceiling Fan Chandelier Combo
White Ceiling Fan Chandelier Combo

Saving energy all year round is a breeze with a ceiling fan chandelier combo. You can feel cool for as little as 2 cents per hour. On a hot summer’s day, a ceiling fan working alongside an air conditioner reduces your running costs by up to 40%. And here’s a warming thought for winter a ceiling fan with reverse mode circulates warm air downwards, lowering heating costs by up to 10%. Add a ceiling fan remote for effortless control.

The ceiling fan not only give us a feeling of freshness during hot weather but also help us to improve the efficiency of heating in winter. As when the blades turn clockwise. The fan blows up the air cold and when turned in the opposite direction. The fan causes hot air to rise. The winter position of the appliance, which can be operated by a switch or lever. Reverses the rotation of the blades and moves down the hot air accumulated in the roof.

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And here’s how to install the ceiling fan chandelier combo. First, mount the fan, starting with the blades. For this you have to fix them with the screws that incorporate the equipment. Screw the ceiling. Disconnect the power supply. Mark in the new ceiling fan chandelier combo the place where we are going to place the fastening elements and make the holes in the points that we have previously indicated. Fit the hardware that is composed of a metal plate with two holes and an open circular support. For electrical installation it is necessary to remember that the blue wire is neutral, yellow or green corresponds to the ground and brown, black or gray to the phase. Clip each wire with the same color.

Hang the fan on its hook. Screw on the bezel. Place the light bulbs in their caps and the ceiling glass. It is possible that the height of the best ceiling fan chandelier combo. If the maximum distance between the ceiling and the lowest point of the fan is not the one that suits you. But you must know that you can regulate this height thanks to rods available in several lengths (30, 40 or 50 cm) depending on whether you want to raise or lower the appliance. The weight of the fan is important when choosing the installation material and installing the appliance. When the ceiling is hollow. You have to fix the fan with a steel tilting block or a screw. Otherwise, you must fix the fan with a steel block for heavy fixings.

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