Look Classy Black Wood Flooring

Sep 3rd
Stripes Black Wood Flooring
Stripes Black Wood Flooring

A few years ago it was almost unthinkable to place black wood flooring in our home, but nowadays many people choose this color to decorate their home and give it a more modern and the latest, but as we will see, can also combine with more classic styles. Placing a black wood floor or coating creates an elegant effect when the walls are all white. Offering a contrasting vision with a lot of class. And is not as overwhelming as it may seem. If it is use in continuity in all the rooms of the house. It does not rob them of the protagonist to the furniture or the pictures. It is especially recommended in those houses with lots of natural light whose white walls. And clear floors create a mirror effect that can be uncomfortable to the eye. Especially in those months in which the natural light is stronger.

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The black wood flooring helps break this effect and give warmth to the home in the winter months. An important recommendation to keep in mind if we choose to place a black floor is to avoid combining too many colors. Black occupies a lot of visual attention and strong colors too so if you want to add a red or orange touch, focus only on one in addition to white and black. The combination will be fun and elegant. Its smooth surface contrasts with the joints. It is placed in spike giving the feeling of amplitude. Perfect for spaces with loft or industrial decoration.

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Another option that you have to install a black wood floor in your home is decanters by the solid platform. In addition to being more economical, it is much easier to maintain. Oak Black Boulevard, from the range Wide Board Floor, from the manufacturer Junckers. This dark wood has some worn parts as if it were polish which lowers it a bit the uniformity of the floor. It is perfect for more rustic or classic decorations. Black oak variation forms part of the collection 22mm Tablets of the Junckers brand.

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On this occasion the worn-sanding effect is much more present highlighting the lighter parts. Your romantic side makes it perfect in both classic and modern stays. A safe bet. As you see, having a black wood floor at home is not limit to a single type of decoration. But depending on the air you want to give your home. It is advisable to decant for one model or another. Because there is a black wood flooring to every kind of style.

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