Ideas for Install Washable Stair Treads

Sep 8th
Washable Stair Treads Style
Washable Stair Treads Style

Adding washable stair treads to your home stairs quiet footprints, reduces wear on the surfaces and helps to create a uniform look for floors throughout your home. Whether you install a rugged runner that only covers some of the stairs or a fully matte stairwell, you do not need to hire an entrepreneur or professional as long as you make the right preparation. Sweep or vacuum the staircase (including the trunks) to remove all dirt and dust. Which may interfere with the flatness of your washable stair treads installation. Measure the width of the area you want to install the washable stair treads using a tape measure. This could be the full staircase or just a mid section if you intend to install only a runner. Measure where the tread meets riser. Cut the mat strips to fit your measured area with tin clippers.

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Place an extra piece of tape barred against points, and place the cut piece just behind it. Nail the strip in place with nub orientation towards the ladder. Install a nail every 3 to 4 inches along the strip, and place a nail within 2 inches of each end for secure grip. Repeat measurement, cutting and nailing the strips on each step. Be careful when working because the strips are sharp and you do not want to climb or lean against one. Measure each staircase separately. Do not assume that each staircase is exactly the same.

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Measure from the base of the installed washable stair treads strip to the end of the step. Add 3 inches to this measurement. Cut the mat pad to this width and the same length as your installed carpet strip. Cut with a carpet cutter or a knife. You need a piece of carpet pad cut in this way for each step.

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Fit the pad firmly against the washable stair treads strip and secure it with 9/16 inch staples from a staple gun. Install a stack of 3 inches above the pillow. Pull the front pad firmly over the edge of the stairway and staple it in place every 3 inches towards the bottom of the nosing. Cut out excessive padding that extends beyond the staples. Repeat for each staircase. Roll your mat and throw up the stairs so that it sits above you, with the lower end near you. Align the lower edge of the carpet with the bottom of the stairs so that the edge is flat against the floor below. Line the carpet with the strip area if you do not install it across the stairs.

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