Choosing Stainless Steel Shelf

Sep 1st
Stainless Steel Shelf Small
Stainless Steel Shelf Small

Folding stainless steel shelf is good for use as extra storage in an apartment, or as a display device when you set up a flea market. The best part is that the shelves can be folded into a device that is easy to store until it is needed again. Although it is possible to buy folding shelves, building your own set of shelves is a relatively simple carpentry task.


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Mark and cut the sections of wood according to the plans. Cut all sections at once. This will make the process of assembly much easier. Sand the broken parts. This helps to ensure both cut edges and the overall surface of each piece is smooth. Wipe the sanded surfaces with a clean dry cloth to remove any residue. Attach hinges to the rear of the folding stainless steel shelf. This is easier to accomplish if the backrest is placed on a flat surface such as a work table. Use the drill to make appetizer holes for the screws, and then carefully use the screwdriver to secure the screws in place. The number of hinges required may range from two to four on each side, depending on the height of the shelf unit.

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Align the side marks on each side of the rear section. With the hinges fully extended, push the side posts in place so that the free arm of the hinges lay on the side posts. Make sure the top and bottom of the side panels are level with the top and bottom of the rear section. Attach the side pieces to the rear section with the aligned hinges Determine the location of each stainless steel shelf in the unit. Use hinges to secure the back of each shelf on the back part of the folding shelves. Generally, two hinges are sufficient per shelf, although three may be required for longer shelves.

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Select the sides to determine where the bottom of each shelf will meet the side posts when the stainless steel shelf set. Drill a few small holes in the side pieces and slide in the plug. The plugs will provide a place for the shelves to rest when the device is unweight. Fit the clips along the front of the unit to help keep the side posts on the shelves. This will put the stability and ensure the sides do not slide out of place as objects stack on the shelves Color, bet, or seal the bayonet according to your taste.

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