Best Polywood Picnic Table

Sep 11th
Small Stylish Polywood Picnic Table
Small Stylish Polywood Picnic Table

If you want a table that combines with nature, think of natural wood. Here we present it: it is the polywood picnic table par excellence. If you can saw and drill a hole, then you can build it: it is easy to perform, economical and child-proof. We chose to build the table of 159 cm. long to optimize the use of standard pine woods of 3.20 cm. This measure is enough to comfortably seat 6 adults and 2 more people at the ends. One of the advantages of this table is that it does not matter if the saw cuts are crooked. It usually gives it a more rustic character.

Which wood to choose to make polywood picnic table? Carefully choose the type of wood to use. Make sure it is dry, straight and free of scratches and large knots. We chose dry brushed pine because it is cheap, easy to find and, if well treated, water resistant. We also chose to work with 2 “x4” and 2 “x5” brushes. So the table looks more solid. However, you can replace it with 1 1/2 “thick wood, although this is more difficult to achieve if your budget allows, you can use rule, both beautiful woods. Another alternative is impregnated green wood this variety resists the weather pretty well. But it can be difficult to find it already brushed.

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Ideas for make a folding polywood picnic table. Construct the top of the table with one-inch pine wood by six inches. Buy the straightest and least deformed wood your wood store has to offer. But keep in mind that you’ll be able to fix light old deformations when it comes to gluing and holding the plates together. Pass a planer through the boards, if necessary, to achieve a uniform thickness, and cut them to a uniform length. Place them on a flat surface and apply wood glue to the bonding edges. Sand the table fluently with a belt sander. Cut table legs eight inches by four inches to the desired table height and screw them into trestle stands with wood screws and a wireless screwdriver.

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Cut a two-inch board by four inches long and affix them to the trestle stands so that they, with legs extended, form four legs at each corner of the table. The support boards below each corner of the table will provide a side stand. Place the top board one inch by six inches on all four corner legs and end tables. The end result will be a fairly stable, yet fully portable picnic table whose construction cost was quite low.

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