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Book Reviews

Book reviews should be written to be informative concerning the subject and main features of the work, and to locate it within present debates of interest to philosophical study. An overall recommendation as to the quality and usefulness of the book in question may be appropriate. They are not peer-reviewed, but are subject to editorial scrutiny and must conform to the quality standards of Praxis. Although calls for book reviews are sent out at the same time as  calls for original papers, reviews of books will be considered for publication at any time. Please submit an email with a short CV, mentioning the book you would like to review and why you think it should be reviewed. You may either review one of the available books, or suggest a book. Reviews should be between 500 and 1500 words.

  • Badiou, Alain (2009) Logics of Worlds, Continuum
  • Bettcher, Talia Mae (2008) Berkeley, A Guide for the Perplexed, Continuum
  • Dillard, Peter S. (2008) Heidegger and Philosophical Atheology, Continuum
  • Morgan, David (2010) With Love and Rage: A Friendship with Iris Murdoch, KU Press
  • Moseley, Alexander (2008) A to Z of Philosophy, Continuum
  •  Badiou, Alain. 2009. Logics of Worlds Being and Event, 2. London; New York: Continuum.
  • DeRoo, Neal. 2013. Futurity in Phenomenology Promise and Method in Husserl, Leìvinas, and Derrida. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • Foust, Mathew A. 2012. Loyalty to Loyalty: Josiah Royce and the Genuine Moral Life. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • Haisch, Bernard. 2012. The Purpose-Guided Universe: Believing in Einstein, Darwin, and God. New Page Books.
  • Lee, Kyoo. 2012. Reading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy, and Bad. Fordham University Press.
  • Marion, Jean-Luc, and Kevin Hart. 2013. The Essential Writings.
  • McFarland, James (Philip James). 2013. Constellation: Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Benjamin in the Now-time of History. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • Morgan, David. 2010. With Love and Rage: A Friendship with Iris Murdoch. First Edition edition. Kingston University Press.
  • Reid, James D, Jonathan Ellsworth, Rick Anthony Furtak, and Project Muse. 2012. Thoreau’s Importance for Philosophy. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • Ryder, John. 2013. The Things in Heaven and Earth: An Essay in Pragmatic Naturalism. Fordham University Press.
  • Saito, Naoko, and Paul Standish. 2011. Stanley Cavell and the Education of Grownups. Fordham University Press.
  • Tunstall, Dwayne. 2013. Doing Philosophy Personally: Thinking About Metaphysics, Theism, and Antiblack Racism (American Philosophy (Hardcover Unnumbered)). Fordham University Press.
  • Vivelo, Frank Robert. 2013. Pragmatic Rationalism: An Introduction.
  • Wheat, Leonard F. 2012. Hegel’s Undiscovered Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis Dialectics: What Only Marx and Tillich Understood. Prometheus Books.
  • Yanay, Niza. 2013. The Ideology of Hatred: The Psychic Power of Discourse. Fordham University Press